Ejaculation mastery - TIP

Upahara Vasin = Ejaculation mastery = Ejaculation control

This one is of course especially for guys.

One of the core challenges you will face with tantric sex has to do with full ejaculation mastery or control.

That's a big one!

The tantric sex energy can definitely be built up even if your level of ejaculation resistance is low.

You don't have to overstimulate your lingam, you simply come to an edge of 80-90% excitement, relax and then start again.

You can as well, flow with continuous stimulation and stay at 80% excitement for many minutes at a time.

You can practice this with your partner or in self pleasure mode.

Your partner needs to know about these dynamics and be able to stimulate you enough to be at 80% but not go too far so that you don't lose semen.

So, even if you get excited very fast and could come very easily, your tantric energy can still build up by simply modulating how much stimulation you receive.

Mastering the impulsion to come is an attitude that you train. It's a conscious decision that you make.

Once you make that decision and are confronted with the choice between stimulating further or stopping, you consciously decide to stop.

We have been programmed so strongly by nature to ejaculate that for many guys, even when they decide not to lose semen, they often still can't stop when on the edge. Their instinct to ejaculate overpowers their will power.

Did you experience that before?

You know that you decided not to ejaculate and still keep going when you are at 95% excitement on the edge of ejaculation.

It can take a few months or even longer of frequent practice to train that skill.

You need to understand the incredible benefits of not losing semen. When you don't ejaculate, you simply keep all this energy inside and stay on a high.

This is an incredible energy and stamina building technique that triggers as well consciousness gateways openings.

I'll write another article on these tantric experiences because that's where we are heading.

Back to ejaculation control.

Let's quantify your level of ejaculation mastery.

0% = Absolutely no control - This usually means premature ejaculation and you would come within a second when having intercourse.

100% = Total mastery - You lose semen only if and exactly when you want to - Even if your partner was trying hard to make you come, you would be able to keep your semen.

My guess is that most guys navigate somewhere in the 30-70% area.

If you just lost semen an hour ago, then of course, your level of control is way higher, simply because the need to ejaculate dropped.

How does all that fit within tantric sex practices?

Well, lasting longer is NOT essential for the tantric sex experience.

However it does become REALLY useful when you engage in more dynamic and passionate exchanges with your partner.

Suppose that she wants to have sex the hard way, with fast, deep, strong penetration movements.

When you increase rhythm and intensity, many guys will last 30 sec, maybe a minute.

Is this still tantric sex?

Of course it can be if that's what you prepared for and if that's your intention.

Tantric sex doesn't need to be soft and gentle.

It can be dynamic, fast and powerful as well.

It can be totally passionate and wild.

So, the question is: what do you do?

How do you engage in an active very dynamic tantric sex exchange if your level of ejaculation control is relatively low?

Is ejaculation control something you can train?

For instance can you go from a 60% mastery level to a 100%?

What does it take to get there?

What is the training approach?

Is this something you should train?

Are there any short cuts to gain total ejaculation mastery faster?

These are the core questions so many guys have.

These questions touch not only tantric sex! They touch any form of sexual activity of course!

These are the questions I want to answer for you.


Ejaculation mastery techniques can be grouped in various categories:
  • Stimulation intensity techniques
  • Lingam training
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mind training
  • Pressure points
  • Herbs and drugs

Answers coming soon... Stay tuned