He was perfect for me in every way... - He cheated and dumped me... - TIP

I know, it's shocking when you see these two sentences side by side.

Well, this is part of a comment that was recently posted to one of my videos.

Here is what I think... And my guess is that you feel the same:

How can he be perfect in every way if he cheats and dumps you???


He is not perfect in every way!

He might have certain qualities that you like and enjoy, a great personality, a gorgeous body, an intense shinny spark in his eyes.

And then, there is the deception, the cheating and the cold shoulder.

These qualities go hand in hand.

Most people have a shadow side, so does he.

He is NOT perfect in every way... Or you are able to see his cheating and dumping you as another expression of his perfection.

Yes, some people are able to see beauty in EVERYTHING.

That's a skill too! And if you are able to do that, good on you!

My point is: listen to your self talk when he breaks up with you.

In that specific case, saying that "He is perfect for me in every way" is simply not true!

You are deceiving yourself when saying it!

It's a lie that you tell yourself when you live in the romantic absolute dream.

Perfect? Really? Would he cheat on you if he was perfect for you?

Remember that a human being is made of its bright and shadow side.

The shadow side goes hand in hand with the bright side.

They are like the two sides of a same coin.

You can't separate them.

What to do then? Change your self talk!

Stop saying that he was perfect for you in every way when he was clearly not.

Instead, say something like: "Yes, sure, we had some good times, and there are some things about him that I really liked..."

This gives a fresher and more real perspective to your story, right?

To your power!