What to do if he does not want to open up - ARTICLE

Most guys believe and feel that dealing with relationship issues is a full time job.

They feel like no matter what they try and invest in it, they see little results and improvement.

This is why after a while they tend to give up.

They think: "what the heck! This is not working!"

Most of the times, this is not true.

Communication is hard to do when you don't have the skills or simply don't find a way to reach each other.

He gives up because it is not fun.

Now, the goal is simple: you want this to be easy and fun.

You want to shift the way you relate to each other to a more light hearted way.

On top of that, you want to drop any form of pressure and any form of expectation.

Your partner can be "relationship burned out" because he feels that he can't feed it anymore: too many demands, too many pressures, too many requirements, little space and freedom to simply enjoy and have fun.

This is the moment you both feel like giving up.

What to do?

Give up!

But don't give up on your relationship.

You give up trying to get an expected outcome.

You give up trying to fit with society's expectations. You give up trying to fit him with your romantic dream.

You relax and give each other a full month to breathe!

No demand! No pressure! No challenge!

If your partner is on strike, give him the space he wants or needs to recover.

Focus at 100% on freedom, mutual respect and enjoyment.

Drop all expectations.

Stop trying to keep things together.

Let go!

This is the first step.

Before you even try getting your message through, he needs to realize one thing: you are on his side!

You are not here to demand and put pressure on him.

You are in his life because you love him and want the best for him.

The same the other way round.

If you come to a point where you can't reach him and he refuses to change or shift any aspect of his behavior, drop it all and give him all the space he wants.

That's the first step.

The message he sends out is: "This is my life and I am the one in charge of it"

He is right!

He is in charge of his life and you are in charge of yours.

There is only one way he will open up and communicate: that's if it makes him feel good and realizes he is a better person if he does.

Fulfilling your needs is not his top priority right now?

Fine! Just give him space and set him 100% free.

This is the first step.

Do this for a month.

If you feel that you totally stopped enjoying his presence and that the love is totally gone between the two of you, it is okay to move on.

However, this comes later.

If you set him 100% free for a month with 0% expectations, you will realize that you can actually relax in your relationship.

Try this first!

For at least a full month.