What if he never says “I love you”?

There are many ways a man can express his feelings.

If he does not use the exact words you want to hear (or no words at all), this does not mean that those feelings don't exist.

He can express his love simply by deciding to be with you, through actions or attitudes.

Actions often speak louder and more clearly than words.

I know that the "I love you" moment is one you can wait for.

It is part of your romantic picture and it is a beautiful one.

However it can be useful to drop any expectations and simply receive whatever comes out as a gift.

In a way, this means letting go. It means first setting your partner free from any form of expectations.

Accepting someone exactly the way they are and realizing that you have little or no control over their actions or being is a way of setting them free first.

This is the first step and strategy. Drop expectations and realize this: Sometimes, the gifts that life gives you are the ones you expected. They are still gifts.

Sometimes, being fixed on a specific outcome or form stops you from seeing what you truly receive from someone's presence.

This is a key idea: it says "stop trying to control the outcome". It might not match what you expect in the form but the intention and the energy is there.

If you feel that love is truly missing from your relationship, then it's of course another story.

We'll talk about that one in another post.

We'll discuss as well ways of educating your partner in another chapter.