I do everything for him! – He’s still irritated with me - ARTICLE

Doing everything for him; this is the problem.

If you think that cleaning his house or doing his laundry makes you closer to him, you are wrong.

When you do all that he tends to stop looking at you as a lover or an equal partner.

In fact, it puts him off.

This is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve, right?

Stop doing all that for him and you'll take again the lover's place in his mind.

Guys need challenges.

The material security you give him does not validate you or what you share with him.

Focus on your life first and shift the way you stand this.

Let him take care of himself and let him a hire a cleaning lady if this is what he needs.

What you do right now is very kind but creates an unbalance of power and becomes a turn off for him on the long term.

This is why he becomes irritated with your presence: you are far too kind.

Get your power back and radically shift the way you stand in this.