He works all the time – Now I feel worlds apart from him - ARTICLE

Right now, his priority is business and true, unless he shifts his attitude, he will lose you totally.

It happens to millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

The business world is very demanding and it is really tough to set up boundaries and protect your family space.

For him, the first step is to realize that unless he gives you some attention, you'll feel neglected.

Not sure if he is aware of that.

What you see in him is a lack of awareness and relationships skills. It would be too bad for him to realize this only once you would be gone.

Did you know that more than 50% of guys in the UK say that they are too tired for sex after a day of work.

Pressure and stress simply put a toll on relationships.

Most of the time, it is not related with him not loving you any more. It is simply a side effect of external pressures and modern life style.

It is a vast issue which touches millions of couples around the world.

If he does not get the message, I think it is time to have a deeper conversation with him about it.

Unless you do it now, your resentment will grow and next thing, you click with someone else.

Your relationship is worth it.

Now, to preserve it, you need to wake up a deeper level of power in your relationship and reconquer the territory of your intimacy.

Most importantly, make sure he truly hears you.

How? Get him to listen to you for 30 minutes.

Set a time in the week end.

Turn off your cell phones.

Open a bottle of wine.

Just the two of you.

Keep it short and give him a couple weeks to think about it.

Following week end, do the same.

Give each other just 30 minutes. Ask him what he feels about that.

Tell him exactly the way you feel.

Don't say what you want from him.

Talk about yourself and what is happening in you.

Make sure you wake him up.

This is essential.

I know that you can break through.