Don’t take responsibility for his midlife crisis - ARTICLE

He is always responsible for his actions, beliefs or emotions.

You can’t take responsibility for someone else’s actions or emotional state.

Sure, you can be supportive and compassionate but you can’t take upon you to solve his crisis.

I don’t think he wants you to, anyway.

The top priority is to take care of your own life first.

This is your top responsibility. This is your number one priority.

This is the area in which you can have the maximum impact and control: your territory.

Don’t let him blame you for what happens to him.

Life decisions are something you might have taken together in the past.

He was involved and gown up, right?

If he feels he needs to shift directions, it is his right.

Give him the space to do so and see it as his process, not yours.

You must not take responsibility for his actions, beliefs or emotions.

He is and will always be the master of his life.

He is in charge of his existence even if temporarily he can’t think straight (J)