Don't use your controlling power to limit him - ARTICLE

If you are a woman who carries lots of power with her.

If professionally and materially, you have a VERY good base and you are in charge of your existence.

Being in that place does involve control over what is yours.

Now, when you are in a relationship, there is a natural risk to use the same type of controlling force on him.

These mental and emotional jealousy patterns, whether you express them verbally or not are an expression of your controlling power.

The thing is that this controlling power can precisely kill what you love the most.

You know that already of course.

You don't want to allienate your boyfriend, isolate him or make him feel miserable.

Of course you won't go that way.

Imagine just for a second that you would express all the jealousy patterns and controlling impusions that raise in your mind, it would be a nightmare for him, right?

What does this tell you?

That this controlling power is dangerous for your relationship.

It is literally a fire that can burn down your couple.

You know that already. I am saying this to reinforce a fact you are already familiar with.

The key idea is to use your power wisely!


You can protect what you care for without losing a sense of ownership over what happens in your relationship.

In another article we'll check very specific ways to use your protective power instead of your controlling one.