You like him - Should you tell him? - ARTICLE

Definitely yes!

However, there are many ways of telling it!

Just walking to him and saying "Hi, I like you!" is a great thing to say but you can express these words in many ways.

Build up the mystery, build up the sexual tension and attraction.

Guys don't respond to thoughts, they respond to desires and emotions.

Flirting is playing!

Seduction is a dance which uses rhythm and fire.

A man wants to dream and wake up his senses and emotions first.

When he has all the answers, it is part of the mystery which is gone.

Imagine a child unwrapping a present.

When is the true moment of excitement?

Make it last!

Build up the mystery and when you feel the time is right take exciting steps in his direction.

How do you tell him?

· Use non verbal language

· Tease him

· Wake up his senses

· Wake up his desire

You are the active catalyst of these sensations in him.

Your moves are an invitation to share pleasure and delight.