You are a winner! - ARTICLE

If you go to therapy, you are given the space to solve old pains and negative feelings.

If this is what you need, go ahead and do it.

Sometimes it is healing you need.

The approach I propose you here is quite different.

I want you to connect with your inner power and use your fire.

When your being wakes up and thinks:

“That's it! I want more and I will get it!”

You simply make a significant shift in your mind: you decide.

In fact, you take your life in your hands.

You stop blaming past or circumstances and you start designing a life you love!

Who is in control?

Who is in charge?

It is you!

You are the sun of your existence.

Events in your life evolve around you.

You are the core of it.

It is in your being.

It is breathing in you as this form of unique life force.

It is your spirit, your life power, your ultimate source of energy.

Power involves a few things: creating, controlling, preserving, conquering, renewing, and much more.

This is about life mastery.

The dating scene is your training ground.

It is the occasion to discover something about you, your existence and the role you play on this planet.

Can you see that?