Why it works - ARTICLE

A man needs freedom.

He needs space.

Your role is to free him from the limitations of his own mind.

This is why he will allow you into his world.

You can't cheat with his spirit!

You can't cheat with his destiny line.

The only way he will let you into his life is if you have something to do in it, something very specific.

This is about establishing a connection.

You want this connection because it will free you!!!

Emotional freedom is what you are looking for.

This is the nectar of dating and relationships.

When you connect with someone, you create space.

You free yourself.

You love and establish a new line of life force with a man.

Everyone needs that.

Life force is essential.

You create life force by exchanging with people and nature around you.

The moment you connect with a man, you create this powerful exchange of energy.

This is your goal and it is his desire as well.

That's what every human being wants to create. Your goal is to remove what stops you from establishing such connection.

Your spirit is immensely powerful.

When you date, you are looking for something very specific.

It is exchange of life force.

This is the essence of your desire.

All thought forms you create around dating are related with this specific desire to share something with a man.

There is no control involved!

It is not like you limit a man's life.

It is exactly the opposite.

The reason this works and is 100% ethical is because you bring something he needs in his life.

It is a refreshing stream of power and desire.

You wake up his senses, you stimulate his will power, love, attraction.

In other terms you make him alive.

You make yourself alive.

This is why he will thank you for conquering him.


Because you go out of your way to reach him and bring him something precious he needs.

Your presence is a freeing force, not a limiting one. You want to connect with him to open doors in your and his existence. This is why it is okay to use all the power you have.

This is why his "spirit" lets you in!