Where do you start with dating? - ARTICLE

The first place is yourself!

You are the first person you have to love!

Nurture and take care of your being before you go in the world.

If you love yourself, it will show in your every move.

After that, take action.

The dating world is a river of inspiration.

It is an exciting stream of energy motivated by the desire to love and give love.

It is a challenging world and environment as well.

Mastering this environment means realizing that it's not only about love.

It is about power, fight, conquering, competition and challenge as well.

You know what? Great!

Be realistic about the dynamics of dating.

This shift of awareness is essential!

You must understand that dating is like a training ground!

It is an opportunity to learn something about who you are.

It is an incredible chance to develop key life skills, abilities and tap into your full human potential.

This is the big picture.

When you put this game into a fresh perspective it allows you to walk into that field with trust and confidence.

Of course you want to win!

But the fun and excitement of simply participating is the key to success.

Your passion is alive.

Love, romance, passion and flirt are one side of the medal.

The other side is power, strategies, understanding and realism.

Give yourself the tools to succeed by staying awake!