When is the right time to say “I love you” - ARTICLE

Saying "I love you" or "I am in love with you" is a big step.

What you are in fact saying is:

"I am ready to have a fully committed relationship with you".

Now, if he is not ready to give this love back to you, you might end up giving more than what you receive.

Before you go ahead with this, ask yourself these simple questions:

· Is he ready to commit?

· Would he say "I love you" back?

· Do you feel him emotionally free to invest in a long term relationship with you?

The "I love you" thing makes it very serious and if the complicity is not yet strong enough between the two of you, he can feel pressured, and it could be a turn off.

It takes two people really ready to commit to take the next step.

If your instinct tells you that he won't take that step, or if he gives you clear signs that he does not want a commitment, then better protect yourself and "keep it light" and focus on building complicity and chemistry instead.

This is the best way to protect yourself and not give more than what he is willing to give in return.

The number one source of love ache is when you give your love to someone who does not love you back to the same extent.

This creates an emotional gap.

My advice would be:

Don't open up if he is not ready to open up himself, otherwise, you'll end up giving more than what you will receive.

Now, this is only a word of warning and a precaution.

If you feel you can open up and stay emotionally free no matter what he responds, then go ahead and trust your instinct.

What matters is that no one gets hurt, right?