What is risk taking? - ARTICLE

You can take different kinds of risks.

One type of risks is about putting your life, security or health in danger.

You don't want to do that.

You don't need to walk through a dark alley at night.

No, the risks we talk about are emotional risks.

When you date, you expose yourself to judgment, emotions and people's reactions.

This is the real challenge.

The moment you take steps, you open yourself to rejection.

This is usually the number one force which stops you from taking steps, right?

The real reason you don't call this guy you fancy to go out with you is because he might say “no”.

Maybe you are afraid as well that he might say “yes”.

What is the worst think which can happen when you take a risk? It is usually rejection.

If you have an efficient strategy to handle rejection, you realize that the risk is quasi non existent.

Another alternative is to become super good at asking any guy out; that way you make sure that no man will ever reject you again (J).

Now, let’s be realistic: when you ask a guy out or go on a date, there are always some chances that it won’t work out the way you expected.

This means that there is always some emotional risk involved when asking a guy out or going on a date.

If you have a strategy to deal with this, the risk stays to a minimum. You can for instance ask him out in a very casual way and be ready to step back if he does not respond.

Check more strategies on this in the “emotional freedom” section.