What is emotional freedom? - ARTICLE

The expression emotional freedom is self explanatory, right?

Right now, what is your level of emotional freedom?

Do you have it or not?

Do you have any hang ups from the past?

Is there anything in the way of you feeling 100% happy?

Emotional freedom is a gift.

Right now, it can be your target for the rest of your life.

The moment you decide to achieve it, you can consciously invite it in your life.

Emotional freedom is about creating space in you.

It is about getting rid of what you no longer need: past relationships, negative experiences, toxic friends, etc.

Gaining emotional freedom is a key life skill.

Strangely enough, this might be the first time you hear this expression!

Your mind is your territory.

Your thoughts and emotions are yours.

When you feel emotionally free, you feel like you are in charge. You are in power of what goes on in your mind.

This is what you want right now.

You don't want old experiences and people having unwanted influence over your emotions.

The key to feel emotionally free is to have the power to protect your inner space.

Your mind is energy.

Sometimes, someone can gain access to your mind.

Somehow, you open your inner door and let them steal your attention.

This is the moment trouble arises.

You don't want this to happen.

You want to stay emotionally free.

This is why you want extra power to protect your territory.

This is a battle of energies.

You want emotional freedom.

No one can take this from you.

Why is that?

Because it is your birth right to be in charge of your life.

Do you realize that your time, actions, attitudes, personal space, thoughts and emotions are all yours.

It is your birth right to have control over them.

Nobody else but you owns them.

This is why you must stay in charge.

The moment you give away that power, you loose yourself.


It is your life!

It is your power!

This is the first step of emotional freedom: realizing that you own your life.

Eventually, this is the only concept and idea you might ever need to stay emotionally free.

Don't give yourself away.

Nobody but you owns your life.