What can you do to spice up things with your date? - ARTICLE

Spicing up is about waking up your senses.

Build up excitement.

Excitement comes a lot from sexual desire.

To spice up with a man, you have to make him desire you.


Radiate sexual energy.

Be and feel sexy.

You are a born seducer.

Wake up these skills in you.

Use your instincts.

Build refinement and mystery by using all the senses.

Use perfumes, incenses, fragrances.

Take time choosing the right music.

Choose an exciting location for your date.

Get a gorgeous dress.

Spices is what colors a meal.

Think of tastes, touch, pleasure for the eyes.

Your dating moment is the nectar of your day.

Enjoy! Take the confident posture.

Experiment and try!

Use slightly sustained eye contact.

Smile with your eyes.