What are these new strategies? - ARTICLE

The number one strategy you want to use is: taking action!

Go beyond your comfort zone.

Take risks.

Do things you never did before.

It is very simple:

If you want more, you have to do more.

Gaining skills in the dating scene means taking action.

Doubts come from fear of rejection and insecurity.

This freezes your moves and stops you from taking action.

The moment you stop taking action, you stop learning.

The dating scene is a school of life.

If you want results you have to invest what it takes to be successful.

Connect with men?

How many actions did you take in the last month which were oriented towards that goal?

What was the outcome?

The idea is to do more.

Multiply what you do by 10 and within a month, you'll be dating someone you like.

What actions?

You are on the net right?

This is the first place you can start: dating sites are your training ground.

They show you what men like and don't like, who they are and what they are looking for.

Connecting with guys online gives you a boost of energy and trains your flirting skills.

Right now, take a white page and write down 10 simple things you can do about your dating.

Don't think.

Just write them down, whether you believe you can do them or not.

Of course, love and passion are the centre of the dating world.

Desire, excitement are you emotional fuel.

They are the fire which motivates your actions.

Dating skills are the other side of the story.

If you want to be successful with dating, it is these skills you want to develop.

What stops action?

Doubts, fears, negative past experiences, lack of energy, lack of ideas lack of strategy, etc.

Any resistance can be cleared and overcome!

It is a matter of understanding what happens inside yourself.

It is very simple: if you want to connect with a man, you have to take action!

Action is what makes the difference!

Take action regularly.

Take at least 10 actions every week which bring you closer to your goal!

Here it is to summarize:

  • Write down 10 actions you could be taking within a week
  • If you can't start, find out exactly what your resistance is

Take action.

One step at a time!