We had an appointment for our first date but he cancelled - ARTICLE

With online dating, it is always tricky.

The first goal is to lower your expectations and keep your options open.

You probably know exactly what you want and that's very good.

Now, strong assertiveness can be intimidating even for a guy.

The general attitude with cyber dating is:

"He makes one mistake and he's off".

The truth is that everyone is human.

Any guy does respond negatively to any form of pressure, especially if he is not 100% confident.

If you feel he shows resistance, this could be because he feels there is too much at stake.

He is afraid he might not be able to live to your expectations.

There is such a thing as "first date performance stress"

In my opinion, giving a totally casual, light and open note to this first date experience is the best way to go.

Consider as well that he might have told you only part of the story.

For instance, he could be casually dating someone else right now, or is resisting getting intimate with anyone at this stage.

If you say something like:

"Hey, let's simply connect and take it lightly... It will be fun"

It could be easier for him to open up fully.