Wake up your passion - ARTICLE

Passion is even stronger than desire.

Passion is your fuel.

It is the fire of dating.

Seduction is the play of passion.

It is the play of desire.

Passion is a beautiful and challenging force in you.

Your goal is to tame that energy.

You can be the slave of your passions or you can be their master.

When dealing with your passions, you might tend to resist taking control of them or taming them.

You believe that your emotions and desires simply do what they want.

It is not the case.

Mastering your love life is about mastering the flow of your emotions.

You don’t control them, you help them flow in a creative and constructive way.

If your passions tend to enslave you, you want to learn how to tame them.

The goal is to use this source of inner fire in a creative and positive way.

In what situations do you need to tame your passions? When you have a crush or feel attraction to a guy.

When this happens the passion instinct usually drives you give your “life away”.

You start investing emotionally in a man before you even met him.

You build up high expectations and then you tend to get hurt when he does not respond the way you expected, right?

If you want to succeed with dating, you need to use both your passion and your reason.

If you are driven by passion alone, you can end up going in circles.

Now, if you ad a new dimension of skills and realism, you will stay focused on your “life course” and head straight towards your target.

Your target is not a man.

Your target is happiness.

Suppose you have a crush on a guy who is happily married.

Your passion says: “I want him. I will pursue him until I get him!”

Your head says: “He is married and unavailable. Move on!”

Obviously listening only to your passion at that moment is a dead end.

You need to use passion and realism hand in hand.

This is the number one skill you want to develop.

Your passion is a source of fire and energy and you are the master of it.

If you passion enslaves you and takes you into a self destructive spiral, you want to wake up and tame that force, right?

This is your role! It is your life purpose.

You decide where you energy goes.

This is a key mind shift you can take right now.

You won't kill the magic by actually manipulating the passion “substance” in you.

Where to start?

How to do it?

The goal is not suppress your passions. It is to ad a new taming quality which will allow you to stay awake and in power at all times

You first wake up your passion by challenging yourself and taking risks.

You go with the flow of your emotions rather than hiding yourself from them.

You don’t stop your passion.

You encourage it.

You unleash it.

You play with these forces rather than being afraid from them.

You wake up your instincts and trust yourself.

Anything which is fun and exciting wakes up this thrill.

Once your passion is alive, you ad this dimension of realism and stay awake!

You stay master of your life and keep your two feet firmly on the ground.

This is exactly what it takes to succeed with your love life.