Wake up your dating power - ARTICLE

If you want to succeed with dating, you need extra power and effective strategies.

You have two options:

· The first one is to keep on doing what you have been doing till now.

· The second one is to connect with a new refreshing mind set.

What you want is an extra power kick to free your potential and open new doors in your dating life.

To do that, you need to use your conquering power.

Dating is like hunting.

You can sit down and wait. It won't work!

If you want to break through, you want to take action!

The target is simple, right?

You want to know how to relate to men.

You want to feel comfortable around them, understand their psyche and know how to make your relationship with a man work.

These are your goals!

These are your targets.

You don’t want just a man in your life!

You actually want to be able to connect with any man your like effortlessly!

No shame! No guilt! Fearless!

What do you want to conquer?

A man's heart!

A man's mind!

This is not about dominating his mind.

It is about establishing a deep and profound connection which is totally fulfilling on both sides.

The core of your connection is love, attraction and mutual desire.

When you connect with a man on a profound level, you simply remove what stands between the two of you. You open doors and empower your common emotional foundation.

You master a relationship or connection.

This connection you establish with a man you like is a source of joy, pleasure and happiness.

You want him to win from this exchange as much as you do.

Trying to limit him in any way does not work on the long term.

You want to be a freeing force in his life.

You want to be there to help him reach his goals and be at his best.

The same the other way round.

The connection you have with him is a source of power and energy in both of your lives.

It is based on authenticity, respect, freedom and clarity.

If you feel you are not manifesting your ideal connection with men, you want to gain extra power and skills in the way you relate to the opposite sex.

If you are not getting the results you want, it is time to wake up a new source of instinctual power in you and do what it takes to succeed.

Soft approaches don't work when it comes to dating.


Because love is precious and there is lots of competition to be in the spot light.

Your love life is a territory you want to master and conquer.

The dating world is a competitive battle.

If you want to win, you need to sharpen your sword and use real tools to break through.

You need power to open the path and remove resistances. You need power to strengthen your emotional foundation.

You want power to strengthen your confidence.

Love needs powerful channels to reach its target.

Your intention needs to be strong and directive.

It takes determination and will power to reach your goals.

It is this power you want to use with dating.

Going into the nurturing and romantic mood does not work when you start dating.

Why is that?

Because the first thing you have to do is conquer a new territory.

Your connection with a man is like a forest.

You want to open pathways which trace new energy lines between the two of you.

The romantic relationship and the nurturing of what you have comes later.

The soft energies of romance do not open doors.

If they did, you would have succeeded already.

You manifest them once you have a strong foundation to work on.

The first steps are to initiate contact and connect with a guy you like.

The quality you want is a force which can open channels into your future.

In today's dating world, you want to do one thing: radically shift your mind set.

You need to go into dating as if you were going to battle.

On one side, you have love, romance and attraction.

These forces will already open some doors for you.

The extra forces which will open doors are will power and determination.

You know your goal and you want to hit your target.

Simple, to succeed, you need the right mind set.

Here are some key ideas about successful dating:

· Dating is first about love. Make sure that you approach the dating scene with an extra reserve of love, the desire to exchange and connect. Master your sources of love.

· Do whatever it takes to break through. Your goal is valuable and meaningful. You want someone to share your life with. You deserve happiness. Use all your tools to get it!

· Dare to be sexy. Sexual attraction is the key attraction force in dating. If you want to succeed, you need to use all your weapons

· Don't tolerate rejection. Rejection will only bounce on the surface of your mind. Keep it out of your system. Don't let an inch of doubts or negative beliefs reach you. If you are attacked, defend yourself!

· Use your instincts! A part of you knows all the right moves. They are embedded in your instinctual nature. Trust yourself! Trust your instincts and go for it!

· Be aggressive and assertive! Don't be scared of these words. If you want to play the game, you need to focus on hitting the target. Determination and will power are two powerful weapons. Use them!

· Create alliances. Join forces. Create this empowering stream. Get all the support your need from those who can help you get what you want.

· You are number one! Think about yourself first! Dare to be selfish and focus on your goal. It's great to be helpful, however, you don't have time for it right now. Your life requires you full focus. Don't dissipate your energy!

This is 100% ethical.

All you are doing is using your natural power and concentrating it to manifest something in your life.

Put it this way: no one else will do it for you.

It is your life!

It is your power!

Remove obstacles and hit your target!

You are worth it!

Use your dating power!