Trust your instincts! - ARTICLE

When you want to take action, you can use various inner resources.

Suppose you met this man.

You have his cell number and you are not sure about what to do next: should you call him or not?

Doubts and hesitations kill the magic and life force.

What you want is to take action.

In life there are various resources you can use: intuition, reason, passion, instincts, etc.

Instincts are powerful and usually underused.

You will talk about your situation with friends and sometimes make it more complicate than it is.

The truth is that your instincts already know all the right moves.

This is where you find your dating resources.

Flirting is a courting behavior.

It can be your foreplay to intimacy.

Your instincts already know all the right moves.

What stops you from fully taping in them are fears, doubts and hesitations.

The alternative is to trust your instincts.

Passion and reason walk hand in hand.

Reason gives you the strategies.

It gives you a ground of logic and understanding of human behavior.

It shows you the underlying power dynamics in relationships.

The goal is to use both your instincts and understanding.

Once you know the basics and are aware of the invisible power dynamics, trust your instincts, take steps and go for it.