Top 10 cyber dating mistakes - ARTICLE

Next time you log onto a dating site and decide to work on your profile, take a step back first and if you recognize one of these online dating mistakes, do something about it!

It will save you energy and lots of time!

· Sin 1 – Boring interior

You might believe that what is around you on the picture does not matter?


100% wrong!

People log on to dating sites because it makes them dream.

They fantasize about the person they see on their high resolution screen.

Nothing spooky about it.

You open a window in their minds.

If you don’t want to invest into having a nice shot of you, guys won’t invest in taking the time to know you.

It is a direct cause and effect thing.

· Sin 2 - Looking desperate

This is a huge turn off.

If you look like you are waiting to be rescued from your life, it says one thing: “My life is not interesting. I need you to feed my existence”

It simply does not work that way.

This deadly sin is committed by at least 50% of those who post their profile online.

· Sin 3 - Being rude

You believe that a visitor will be turned on by direct harsh or even rude language? It’s exactly the opposite.

You might meet the occasional punk or skin head who looks for aggressive challenge, but the chance for this happening online is so limited, you’ll get people running away from your profile.

Even a dominatrix has some form of refinement or style.

Respect first!

· Sin 4 - Lying

Lying about your age, income, marital status, etc. can all be felt from the distance.

Visitors to your profile feel it straight away.

They know that something is wrong even if they can’t define exactly what.

· Sin 5 - Putting yourself down

Talk about your qualities first.

Put yourself in a good light.

If you put yourself down, you take a self defeating attitude.

You influence a visitor’s perception or judgment in the wrong direction.

If you don’t love yourself, it will show all over your profile and it will make it very hard for others to love you.

· Sin 6 - Focusing on just one person

The net is a networking tool.

There are no guarantees.

You can get really turned on by someone you meet online and find all sorts of reasons to believe that you two are meant for each other.

This throws your level of expectation through the roof and creates intense tension.

It is the number one online dating mistake: investing too much in someone when there are no guarantees that he will love you back.

Drop it, trust and relax, instead.

Make sure you keep your options open and interact with a few men.

If you get a rejection on one side, you must have alternatives; otherwise, you crash.

· Sin 7 - Not posting a picture

You have to post a picture!

It is part of the game.

Nowadays, everyone is online.

It is perfectly okay to have your profile on the internet.

Meeting people online is as common as eating in a restaurant; so there is no need to be ashamed any more.

If someone bothers you, simply block them in your profile.

A profile with picture gets 5 to 10 times more responses.

You don’t want to miss that.

· Sin 8 - Letting rejection stop you

Some rejection is part of online dating.

If you have a shop, you don’t close it the moment a client does not buy what you sell.

Handling rejection is the number one cyber dating skill.

When you feel rejected, you have two options:

The first one is to step back and shut down.

The second one is to get over it in no time and move on.

There is a whole other set of chapters in this e-book about being rejection proof.

Check it for more!

· Sin 9 - Lack of perseverance

What I am going to say might shock you: it takes often one to three months to get familiar with the online dating scene.

This means that if you start today, you might get it right straight away but in most cases, you will go through trial and errors.

You’ll get rejected a few times, and eventually learn all the tricks for having lots of fun with it.

It is an environment you want to master.

Learn from experience and move forward.

· Sin 10 – Taking yourself too seriously

Taking yourself too seriously is boring.

What lightens up a good profile and online communication is humor and teasing.

This is the best way to flirt and be successful with it.

Next time you are online, dare to color what you say with a touch of humor.

It gives you originality and breaks the ice in no time.