Success with online dating - ARTICLE

Online dating is a training ground.

It gives you the occasion to train your flirting skills.

Online dating is very safe.

It is much safer than walking into a pub and sitting at a bar, right?

This is a gold mine!

It is one of the incredible benefits of the internet.

It is not a coincidence that there are thousands of dating sites all over the net. They respond to a need.

By now, I know dozens of couple who met online.

The goal is to empower your experience and make sure you don't invest too much too soon.

You want to network when you are online.

You network with online dating in the same way as you would network with business.

You stay in touch, follow up on your contacts, get the best of a connection, have fun, find out how you can make someone's day, let go when you have to, etc.

It is an art to play that game.

It takes a few weeks of practice and experimenting get really familiar with it.

The benefits are immense:

· You create a social circle

· You get validation from men

· You train your flirting skills

· You develop a "dating body" which is your profile, what you want others to know, etc.

· You have fun

· You learn to take initiatives

· You create romance

· You establish fresh connections

· etc.

I mean, this is already a long list!

There is no other place in your life where you can effectively train these skills.

The dating equation has shifted over the last few years because of internet dating.

The net gives you the opportunity to have much greater control over your dating life.

The trick however is to network.

The moment you become exclusive with someone, you loose all the power of your online dating.

What does it mean to be exclusive?

  • You send messages only to one man.
  • You wait for his answers.
  • You worry when he does not reply.
  • You know nothing about his real life.
  • You have no clue whether what he says is really true
  • Etc.

As you can see, being exclusive online makes you dependent and very vulnerable.

In the early stages, it is a mistake you don't want to commit.

You want to stay free and open.

Flirting with a man online does not mean that you have a relationship with him.

It is okay to only flirt.

The moment you are in a committed relationship, this dynamic might change.

You can decide for the right strategy at that stage.

However, right now, you are free!

Use and express that freedom.

This is how you strengthen your emotional freedom: by expressing it!

Online dating gives you the perfect opportunity to practice this.

If you want to keep and empower your freedom, it is very simple: all you have to do is use it!

Freedom is a right!

It is a power in you!

Use it!