Strategies? - ARTICLE

A strategy is a battle plan.

This battle happens between energies, people, will powers, beliefs and conflicting interests

A strategy is an action plan.

The goal is to protect yourself and create win-wins.

This is why you want to have solid action strategies.

This is what this e-book is about:

Giving you ideas and solid action paths that take you exactly where you want to be.

These are not rigid beliefs.

Everything stays flexible of course.

Your situation is always unique.

However, some general patterns usually repeat themselves from one dating situation to the other.

When you have greater awareness and understanding of how dating works, you give yourself greater chances of succeeding.

You want to win.

You want to make sure that you empower your love life.

This is not about winning over someone.

It is about love winning.

Strategies give you action lines.

A strategy grows in an organic way.

It is never rigid but keeps evolving depending on circumstances.

Dating strategies always stay flexible.

The goal is to help you expand your inner freedom, not to limit you in any way within a rigid mind set.

You are your own master.

At the end, you totally own your dating vehicle.