Should you have sex? - ARTICLE

I want to tell you something important about guys:

when a guy orgasms and loses semen, he goes into an emotional dip.

This emotional "after sex" stage is okay if love and romance are already strongly established with his partner (you!).

If you have sex too soon, you take the risk of dropping the sexual intensity between the two of you.

The force behind dating is greatly stimulated by sexual attraction.

If you allow attraction to build up without releasing it too early through sexual intercourse, you'll create extra refinement, fun, love, and respect towards each other.

How soon is too soon?

You can have a few dates with someone without having intercourse.

You can flirt and even share kisses.

You can share some light intimacy.

The moment you have intercourse, everything changes.

There is a whole new set of dynamics involved.

There are as well new fears or risks involved with it.

This is why sex is a beautiful thing.

You can enjoy it immensely when trust and complicity are already established.

This does not mean that you shut down your feelings and desires in your first dates.

No, it's actually the opposite.

You do open up.

You do enjoy intimacy but hold a bit before taking it to the next level.

In the East, the science of tantra explains exactly how sexual energies work.

We would however need another e-book to go into it.

Follow your instinct.

Trust yourself.

If you feel the natural need to hold back slightly before having sex, listen to it.

You'll notice that intimacy and complicity will greatly benefit from it.