Should you call him and ask him out? - ARTICLE

If you gave him your number and after a week, he did not take a step, give him a call and have a friendly chat. Don't say something like: "What is happening, why didn't you call me?" This would be a turn off. He owes you nothing.

So, call him and have a friendly and open chat. "How is life?". "I had a great time the other evening".

Keep it light and fun. This is essential.

The goal is simple: It is to build up chemistry and have a nice friendly conversation with someone.

Make sure it is the right time. Evening works better because during day time, he can at work or have other priorities. Evenings are as well more conductive for romance.

When you call, ask him first: "are you busy right now? Do I disturb you in the middle of something?"

This question makes sure that he has time and focus for you.

If he plays aloof or does not seem interested in talking with you, stay polite and respectful. Say something like: "Well, just wanted to say hi! I have to go, now... Bye!"

If you two have good chemistry, say something like: "I'll be with some friends at this cafe on Saturday... Meet me there if you want to..."

An open invitation is easy to take for a guy. There is no commitment. It is free. This usually works better than a formal date invitation.

It keeps it light and flirty and gives you the occasion to get to know each other without having the "formality" of a set date.