Should I call him? – They say he is a player - ARTICLE

Is he a player?

There can be lots of gossips going on about someone.

Sometimes these gossips are true. Sometimes, they are not.

The best is to find out for yourself.

He already called you, right?

The best is to wait for a couple of days and if he does not contact you, call him. Have a friendly chat.

At the end of the call, say something like: "hey, I will be going to this cafe, with some friends on Saturday. What are you doing on Saturday? We could meet there if you want..."

Guys can feel quite uncomfortable when you ask them for a date directly.

It can already feel like a semi-commitment which can lead to intimacy.

The idea is to simply propose an "open" meeting in a public place. This takes away the "formality" of a date and keeps things on a friendly and flirty ground.

It's usually a great alternative.