Protect yourself! - ARTICLE

Your mind, love and energy are precious.

Dating can be a battle for power, attention and love. The goal is simple: invest in what has chances to blossom.

If you keep on giving and get nothing in return, you feel depleted, dependent and miserable on the long term.

This might be the reason the expression “falling in love” exists.

It does not need to be that way. Love is magical. It is a force, substance, power or energy.

You want to get the skills to master that energy.

This is the real revolution in your dating life. You were raised to believe that you need to surrender, give up and abandon yourself to the love of a man.

This is a nice romantic idea. It works only if he does the same.

In reality, love and romance work better if you stay awake. When romance builds up you want a strong foundation to secure it. If you want to enjoy it, you need to play with those energies rather than being slave of them.

For many women, falling in love has nothing to do with happiness. Don’t you think it’s crazy?

You see one of your friends falling for a guy and within a month she can end entangled in a labyrinth of emotions which drain her in a self destructive spiral. I see this happening so often! Don't you?

At least half of the dating situations women face have nothing to do with fun, happiness or pleasure: falling in love often generates fears, tensions, pain, dependence and much more.

The happiness side of it is of course present but seems to be lost in these flow of uncontrolled emotions.

The goal is simple: Shift this dynamic!

I wrote this e-book for one simple reason: I want women like you to own their love life.

I want you to enjoy it fully from beginning to end. Don’t be the slave of your love, don’t be slave of your passions and emotions.

It is your life and you won’t kill the magic by being in charge of it. Surf the waves of your passions. Play with them! And don’t let them sink you in emotional turmoil.

What do you need to achieve that? Extra power and effective strategies.

You can get hurt! Do what it takes to protect yourself and defend your emotional territory.

Love is so much more enjoyable when you are fully awake!

You can be drunk by the nectar of love. You can feel the trance of it vibrating in your body. The stronger your emotional foundation, the more love you can take.

You want to enjoy this ride! You don’t want to be one more of passion’s victims. Love claimed enough suffering. It is time to ad a quality to empower your love life.

Will you kill the magic by taking responsibility? Not at all! The exact opposite will happen! When you have greater control and mastery of your love life, you can guide your experience in a more enjoyable way. You can decide where and how you want to travel this adventure.

Dare to be in charge and create a dating foundation which gives you this extra kick of energy.

If you go to sea, what do you prefer, a vulnerable unstable boat or a strong quatamaran which can ride the waves using the best and latest technology.

You want the skills. You want synchronicity. You want a mind set which gives you the power to dance.

Believe me, you don’t want to miss this chance!

Does this mean that you control your partner? Not at all. It is about mastering emotions and the winds of desire. It is about using these forces to create your love life.

When you partner with someone, you manipulate energies to create expected results. You do this together because you have a common goal. You want to play with your passion, not be the slave of it.

Imagine being in nature. You can be the victim of the elements or you can play with the winds. Wind can be both a constructive or destructive force. If you use it wisely, it carries you forward in an exciting ride. If you work against it, it can tear you apart and destroy your efforts.

The same goes for love. Love is like wind. It can be the most empowering force in your life and as well the most destructive one.

How to make it empowering? See it is as a substance you can shape. You can create a temple with it. You can create beauty and immense bliss.

Your goal is to master the dating environment. You want to empower your love life.