Playing games? - ARTICLE

There is big controversy about this topic.

If you like playing mind games with those you date, I want to tell you:

If a guy feels you trying to manipulate him, it will be very hard for him to trust you in the future.

Seduction is a beautiful game as long as it stays a game.

Flirting is along the same line.

You can seduce a man.

It is like a dance.

It is the play of your desire.

Guys love it!

Will power alone is manipulative.

If a guy feels that, it turns him off.

We are far away now from this "battle" of the sexes.

It is time to unite forces and build long term harmony.

My advice is: Don't play games.

If a guy calls you, return his call.

If you like someone, give him clear signals.

Be subtle with it.

You don't want to walk to him and say something like:

"I can't imagine living without you, please, stay with me".

This would be a turn off.

No, if you like a man, there are other ways of giving him clear flirty signals while giving each other space to take action.

This is fun.

Flirting is a dance.