Perfect timing - ARTICLE

It takes a while for complicity to build up.

Flirting is a set of sensations that you nourish.

You let them mature until the moment is ripe.

Love wakes up. Magical feelings.

You'll notice that a guy is interested in you when he seeks your company.

Be it at work or in other social contexts.

He'll be driven by your energy and will come closer.

When you feel this build up, it's essential to keep it light. Flirt is about fun and lightness. This is how you strengthen complicity in the early stages. You are not committed. You are free and open. It is fun. It would be worth simply for what it is, even if you were keeping it on that level for a long time.

Flirting is fun. No need to rush. No need to "fix" things. Freedom and openness are thrilling states of mind.

Why would you take it to the next level?

No need to!

Enjoy the playfulness and innocence of it.

A thousand worries can polarize a guy's mind. There is a hierarchy of needs in a men's life. The need for sex and intimacy is not number one.

It comes somewhere after survival and security.

If a man faces health challenges, his energy won't be available.

If he faces challenges at work, the same will happen.

You'll give him signals but he won't respond because he is too stressed up.

If a guy goes through a heavy break up or divorce, same story. His ex is still in his mind. He is still digesting and trying to understand what went wrong.

You see, these are waves and natural life cycles.

You need to take action at the right time.

These external factors have nothing to do with mutual attraction. A guy might be attracted to you and still not respond to your flirting signals.