Nurture the flame - ARTICLE

Once you light up a fire in his mind, no need to push or pressure anymore.

All you want now is to nurture the flame.

You want to shift your style.

You want to create magic and romance.

This happens only once you have a strong ground to work on.

How do you nurture the flame?

By simple actions, looks, complicity, smiles, care for each other, mutual respect, love.

Active love!

Love needs space to grow and expand.

You need to keep refreshing this new connection.

If you spend day and night together, you will quickly asphyxiate the flame.

To keep the energy alive you need to refresh your own space and get new inspiration.

How do you do that?

By going on with your life!

It is super important to keep your connections alive: friends and social circle.

Do not isolate yourself within the new connection you have with a man.

This is the second biggest dating mistake.

Passion naturally calls for this high level of exclusivity.

You have only eyes for each other and spend every day together.

Believe me, if you go that way, you'll soon reach a level of saturation.

Give each other space to breathe.

This is essential and requires an extra effort.

You need to consciously take off and think of something else.

If you don't, the connection becomes obsessive and you jump into a heavy form of dependence.

For a new dating connection to stay fresh, you need space to let it grow and blossom.

Imagine planting some seeds in the ground.

Those seeds will never grow into flowers if you keep on disturbing the soil.

Love grows in an organic way.

Once you water it, let it rest and let it grow in its own way.

Keep on nurturing it but give it space to expand.

Practically, this means to stay invested in your career or studies and keep your social circle alive.

Take care of yourself, exercise and eat well.

Be aware that excessive sex can as well drain you energy wise.

If you feel “depleted”, go in nature, reconnect with your friends and focus on practical things.