The number one dating mistake - ARTICLE

The number one mistake is to give too much too soon. When you meet a man you like, you tend to abandon yourself.

Big mistake!

In the early stages, there is no commitment. It's an "observation dance" where you feel if there is good compatibility.

This is a non committed period. You are open to date other guys and don't give yet exclusivity to only one man. If you do, you're in trouble.

Why is that?

Because it makes you immensely vulnerable. You invest everything when there is still no sign it will work out.

It is a dating mistake: giving too much too early.

Expecting too much too soon.

Your passion and desire wake up and you become a slave of these desires.

This can take you out of your base and get you hurt and dependent very vast.

The alternative is simple: in the early stages of dating, keep you options opened . By doing this, you secure your personal foundation and make sure that you can step back any time in case something unexpected happens.

A man is immensely turned off by too high expectations from a woman. If you sound anything close to clingy, dependent or desperate, guys will run away.

Keep your base. Keep your power. Stay centered on your own life. You are the center of your universe. You are the most important person in your life.

Even when you engage further and commit yourself to someone, you need to keep a strong personal foundation. The moment you abandon yourself, you betray your own spirit and loose track with your own destiny line.

Sure, at a later stage, you can healthily plan your life together if you feel a similar level of commitment. However, this happens much later in a relationship.

The early stages of dating are about building up romance, flirt and complicity. It is a light way of connecting. There is no demand, no jealousy. There is only freedom, openness and play.

This is light dating. It is pre commitment.