Love - synergy - ARTICLE

Love is the recognition of a common essence.

The spirit in you is not that different from the spirit in someone else.

When you love, you acknowledge this common spirit.

What you have in common is life force.

The absolute totality of humankind functions on a common essence.

Love is the recognition of that essence.

When you love a man, you see yourself in his eyes.

Synergy means that your energies are synchronized.

You have a common vision and you join forces to create something greater together.

This is the vision.

You don't put yourself aside.

You join forces.

This is not about women winning over men or the other way around.

You and I are tired of these conflicting models where someone has to loose.

No one needs to loose.

We are in a stage of our evolution where we have the power to create win-wins.

Your relationship and love life is a win-win.

This is the real union.

No games!

If you want to create a win-win, you need to use your power.

You need to be fully present to protect and preserve what you create with a partner.

Whether you are on your first date or after a few years together does not really matter: the dynamics to empower your relationship are always the same: have a common goal, a common vision or a common plan.

Even if this plan is just for one evening, it is still worth it.

The plan can be: "Let's have fun this evening".

It can be as well: "we want to get to know each other".

It can be anything.

What matters is that you are on a common ground.

You can tease each other, challenge or seduce.

It is still part of synergy.

You can bring in all the fire, passion and magic you want.

You can take risks and work with lively emotions.

This is limitless!