Love dynamics - ARTICLE

The moment you have feelings waking up for someone, love starts flowing in you.

When this happens, there is a whole set of new emotions appearing in you.

These emotions are related with a new link or connection you establish with a man.

The moment you are in love, you exchange invisible energies with that person.

Love is an exchange.

It is a connection.

This exchange creates pleasure and delight in your being.

It wakes up your senses and enhances your life experience.

You might have new sensations and fantasies waking up in you.

You might have dreams, desires, wishes and life visions popping in your mind.

This is magical!

What you want is the power to protect this experience.

Love can be fragile and vulnerable.

Your goal is to empower your love life so that this sense fragility or vulnerability is shifted through the right care and nurturing.

You want the link with the person you love to become strong and indestructible.

You want this force to unite you within a fresh mind set and empowering spirit.