I know we talk a lot about power, right?

In the dating scene, two key forces are at play, always: Love and Power.

Love is the emotional drive, desire to connect.

Love is the force which unites you with a potential lover and creates this inner blissful emotion.

Love is the desire to be united with someone.

When you date, you empower your love.

You give to the other and receive in return.

It is a winning mutual exchange.

Love is great.

You need to master both love and power to succeed with dating.

Without love, your dating will be far too manipulative.

On the other hand, dating without power takes away your chances of succeeding as well.

The key is to play with these two forces at the same time.

You can empower your love.

This intensifies the way you relate to a man.

He will feel both: your determination and your respect.