Life force is more precious than money - ARTICLE

The question is: "why is this happening?", "Why are energies conflicting in the first place?", "Why would someone have such a negative impact by rejecting you?"

The answer is simple: you challenged their space first.

Imagine, someone is having a drink.

You go and talk to that person with the intention of building up something.

Your energy is a challenge, intrusion or opening in their mind space. Their rejection is nothing personal.

It is a defense mechanism which says: "I have other projects in mind right now and I will be tough on you".

It's part of your instinctual nature to measure your level of power when meeting someone.

Competition is a natural instinctual response.

This is why it happens. Of course, as a human being your emotions are more complex, but the basic mechanism is still the same. A rejection has nothing to do with love.

It is a mutual measure of power.

If you let rejection impact on your mind, it simply kills your life force. Your defense instinct gives you various options:

· You can fight back: "I was just kidding anyway. You are not worth it!"

· You can leave and step out of that person's zone of influence.

· You can challenge other's by fighting back or measuring yourself with them.

· You can "reject rejection" and insist until you find an opening in the person who rejected you.

· You can ask for support and call a friend

· You can let rejection bounce on the surface of your mind and simply laugh about it.

I don't know about you but this last option truly seduces me. That's the one I want, don't you?

Imagine rejection simply bouncing on the surface of your mind and you simply laughing about it.

How can this happen? It can happen because you are prepared and you have other sources of power which do not depend on your "rejecter's" validation.

Trust and confidence is built inside. They are rooted deep in your mind and stabilize your emotional space.

These sources of power are your true instinctual power. You can as well get other sources of support. For instance, when you get rejected, pick up your mobile and call a close friend to tell what happened. Your friend will give you validation for your action and strengthen your inner power.

These are all power dynamics. Love is there as well of course responsible for another set of dynamics.

If you want to get the tools to be rejection proof, you need to gather this inner power and go for it. Remember, it is battle for life force and energy.

These are very precious.

Give yourself the power tools to protect them.