Keep your options open at least until you meet and you both decide to be exclusive - ARTICLE

This is one the most important strategy you need in cyber space and even in live dating.

Don't be exclusive in the early stages of your dating.

When you wake up your dating skills, you have to stay free. The alternative to exclusivity is to network.

Date networking?

What is that?

You keep your options open. You give yourself the choice! No exclusivity.

You stay open. You need it, believe me!

Rejection from one side can happen any time.

Being in contact with more than one man gives you power and a much stronger emotional base.

I'll be direct with you, okay? This is a battle strategy.

This has nothing to with love.

It has to do with balance of power.

It has to do with emotional survival instinct.

When you give too much too soon, you create a huge unbalance of power. You give and have no guarantees to get anything in return.

Suppose you chat online with this man. He lives 5000 miles away from you. You have no control! You know very little about this person. This is why you need to protect yourself in these early stages. Don't invest in just one person, you'll crash, guaranteed!

Instead, stay open and alert.

Don't give your life to someone unless it is clear that it is a two way commitment.

This is a battle for power. I repeat: a battle for power.

The moment you lose your base, you are done.

You need to stay master of your life and not let your passions run ahead too fast. Stay "awake" at all times.

The moment you build this power base, it gives you the opportunity to later share greater intimacy with someone. Love and dating are fun when there is no aching.

Aching happens when you feel powerless. It happens when you feel insecure and consumed by desire.

Desire is a wonderful force unless you are overtaken by it. Flow with your stream of desires without ever suffering. Stay master of your life. Are you master of your passion or are you its slave?

Your emotional foundation is where your strength and your power lie.

This is the core of your being and the place where you connect with your force.

You can love someone, share, be intimate but the moment you give up that core, you give up your life and loose track with your own destiny line.

Stay master of your life. Stay master of yourself.

Once love and complicity do grow, a new destiny line is created which is the line of your couple or relationship.

It is not your partner's unique desire or your own but a new territory where you play a balanced role.

This is what creates win-win, complicity and trust: a perfect balance of power within the relationship.