It is in your hands! - ARTICLE

Guys are sometimes blind!

They can barricade themselves behind walls of practicalities and forget to connect with the essential: the opposite sex.

A guy can get so entangled in his work or self absorbed in his worries that he will miss all the signals you give him. Keep smiling, he’ll tend to simply look through beyond your body as if you were transparent.

Frustrating isn’t it?

I want to show you exactly how to break the walls and dissolve his resistances.

If you think that you can sit back and wait for him to take action, forget it!

90% of the guys you like won’t take the step because it is too dam risky!

You look like a fool when a gorgeous girl looks at you and makes you feel like a total idiot by not responding to your invitation.

So, girls and women! It is in your hands: the future of flirt on this planet is at least at 50% your responsibility J

If you don’t connect with it, you’ll miss dozens of opportunities and someone else will connect with the guy you like instead of you.

Guys have a limited amount of RAM (free memory) in their minds.

Unless you are number 1, you will be number 2 or further.

You don’t want that.

When you look at him, you want to hypnotize him with your smile.

You want to stick a clear message on his forehead which says:

“You and I? It could be fun! What do you say?”

Put aside taboos, fears and other resistances and play one of the greatest games there is in life: the play of flirt.

PS: No, I’m not gay. And yes, as a guy, I am in the right place to show you what works and what doesn’t.

Trust me! It is time for you to discover what goes on in a male’s mind.