Is it okay to seduce him? - ARTICLE

Of course it is okay.

Daring to use your seduction power is one of the key pleasures you can get from dating.

It makes your life more exciting when you simply wake up this power and use it.

It is a bit like touching on the dark side of your love.

Seduction is okay.

It is part of the game.

Guys love being seduced.

What is seduction?

It is the play of your emotions and desires.

Flirting is one step, one dimension.

Seduction is another step in the same direction.

When you seduce, you ad a dimension of power, sensuality and desire.

You ad mystery and a deeper sense of passion.

Seduction is an instinct.

Deep inside, you know all the right moves.

All you need is to wake up your seductive power and dare to express it.

Again, it is all about power and confidence.

You can easily wake up these skills.


Step beyond your comfort zone.