If he already called you - ARTICLE

Wait a few days and call him. It brings good balance and clarity between the tow of you when you both take the initiative. This strengthens the connection and he gets a clear signal that you are interested.

If he left a message on your voice mail, return his call within 24 hours (the same day is even better if you can). Don't play games. Don't sound either like you give your life to him on the spot. Stay cool, have a friendly chat. Give space and time to know each other.

The biggest turn off in these early dating stages is to be demanding or pushy. Love needs space to grow freely. Any form of control or rigidity kills the magic.

Once you have a connection, the risk is to focus too much on each other too soon.

Your connection needs to breathe. Do not asphyxiate it by calling each other every day. Give it space. Let it grow. Trust it!