I want to get married! - ARTICLE

The desire to get a married is a very sacred one.

It is a very pure and passionate move, like a stream of life force which wakes up in you.

To make your dream come true, you have to find the right person to partner with.

Finding him has to do with flirting and dating skills.

This is where it all starts: in the first love glimpses, this mysterious and charming first look.

A world opens up and the perspective to spend a life time together already wakes up.

Dating has to do with trying, experimenting and going for it.

You go for the thrill and excitement of meeting new people.

After this initial romantic period comes life as a couple.

Key word: Relationship skills!

Passion and natural instincts are great but sometimes they are not enough.

It is essential to sit back and understand your deepest wishes, share them with your lover, enjoy open communication!

These relationship skills are the real stabilizing force in a couple.

The physical marriage is merely a confirmation of what you already know deep inside.

You see: marriage is not the beginning and not even the real goal: it is more like the diploma you receive as you graduate.

Marriage is for sure a stabilizing force but the real stabilizing power in a relationship has to do with skills.

You can't avoid it.

If you want to get married, focus on your relationship skills.

Focus on finding love, satisfaction, fun, renewal, inspiration within a couple situation.

Once you both feel fulfilled as a committed couple, the need for marriage will naturally flourish.