I want a serious relationship - ARTICLE

There are three essential ideas here:

  • Relationship readiness is about clearing the past, understanding past experiences, finding the answers, feeling 100% emotionally free, etc.
  • Relationship skills are your talents. They are your abilities to make it work.
  • Relationship design is about creating the space for the present and the future. Sometimes couples engage themselves into a relationship without having a clue of what they want their relationship to look like. They simply follow a vague stream of inspiration and reproduce an invisible model projected by society.

Conscious relationships are different.

What's different?


A relationship is a space in which you evolve for many years.

Designing the relationship means consciously choosing the ingredients you want to manifest in it.

You see, rather than being passive, you design!

You are the architect!

It means you have a plan, a vision.

It is not a rigid structure.

Your future partner will ad his part.

It can be vague and based on a couple of simple key ideas.

This vision is what makes the difference: it opens the space in your mind.

You want a serious relationship?

Tell me in a few words what is a serious relationship for you.

Write down 10 key qualities you want in the core of it.

Can you express these qualities?

Is this accessible, realistic or utopist?

What relationship situations do you find challenging?

How do you deal with them?

These ideas represent the foundation of your future.

A temple with no foundation would be unstable, don't you think?

Once this vision is clear (it should take you a week) focus on approaches to find the happy winner who will share his life with you.