I am too jealous! What can I do? - ARTICLE

Jealousy is a natural protection.

It is there to protect your relationship space and your family.

Now, when you overuse jealousy, you are actually destroying the harmony in the couple.

You are using control, and limiting your partner's life often without any good reason.

It is simply the result of an irrational fear.

The best is to strengthen the opposite mind patterns in you.

Use affirmations like:

· "I trust you!"

· "You are free"

· "I value too much our relationship to destroy it by being jealous"

Tell this to yourself.

Tell this often to your partner when you feel you are just on the "edge".

Jealousy is a natural instinctual response.

Learn to tame this response.

Being afraid of the dark, afraid of heights, or being afraid when your partner speaks with another woman are all irrational responses.

Reprogram yourself for these situations.

Realize it can be done and realize as well that it is for the best of your relationship.

You don't need to do it all at once.

The best is to take small "affordable" steps that bring you closer and closer to your ideal situation.