How to wake up his senses - ARTICLE

It is simple: talk about your and his passions.

When you speak to him, use sensual and vivid images which invoke pleasure, senses and desire.

If you meet him for a date, the goal is to use the sexual tension and attraction between the two of you and make it expand.

You want to give more space to your senses.

Your body language is your first tool.

The way you dress, your smile and tone of voice give him many sensuality signals.

Whisper something to his hear.

Touch his arm in a subtle way.

Establish frequent and accomplice eye contact.

Your words are your second sensuality tool.

Ask him about his feelings, impressions and emotions.

If he says: “I love Indian cuisine”

Answer: “What you feel when you taste a chicken curry?”

Bring him to talk about his emotions, feelings, passions and desires.

If you ask him what he thinks, he will give you thoughts.

Thoughts don’t wake up his senses. They wake up his conceptual and rational faculties.

Ask him about his passions.

Ask him about his life’s desires.

Say something like: “What is the most vivid pleasure you ever had in life. I want to know everything about it”

As he recalls this moment of pleasure, he will associate this sensual feeling with being with you.

When he does ask you a question, answer with the same type of vivid, sensual language.

Use expressions like:

· I find it really exciting!

· I am passionate about this!

· I love it!

· It fills me with energy!

· My whole being wakes up!

· I always enjoy it!

· Etc.

If he asks you a simple question like:

“So, how was your day?”

If you say something like:

“Nice! I got great results at work. This marketing project I am working on is truly fascinating. Do you realize that marketing is all about understanding people’s feelings and desires. For instance, when you buy a new CK fragrance, what you buy is the way this scent makes you feel. Do you ever wear anything?”

You turn a simple question into a sensual dialogue about scents.

If he says something like:

“So, where do you go when you want to party with your friends?”

You can answer something like:

“Any place where I can connect with nice interesting people. For instance, there is this club downtown. You would love it! It is packed with guys who look just like you: passionate and bold! If you enjoy being surrounded by dozens of attractive girls, this is definitely the place to be! In just one evening, I made so many new friends!”

Same story. Meeting new people is exciting.

Within a few sentences, you show him that you don’t claim him and that you do have other choices.

You are not here to limit his life in any way.

You talk about fun and excitement.

You open doors which go far beyond his senses of course.

You acknowledge some of his deepest desires and lead him to feel free to express them.

By doing so, you truly show him that you are a catalyst in his life.

One of your roles is to open doors for him and you are aware of it.