How to stay independent - ARTICLE

You stay independent by not revealing all your cards.

You can keep flirting with other guys.

Don't behave like you belong to someone.

Suppose you met this guy online.

Don't drop your other contacts.

Keep your profile active and respond to the messages that come in.

Act as if you were available.

No need to become intimate.

Having guys tell you they like you is validating.

Don't cut yourself from it.

Are you in a committed relationship?

No, you are not!

You are free!

You own your life and you decide what you do with your time and energy.

Don't let a vague one time date limit you with that.

This is the art of emotional freedom.

This is the exact moment you can let go of your independence or strengthen it.

Are you lying to your contacts?

No. You simply keep your options open and the mystery alive.

Believe me! Guys do the same. They won’t take remove their online profile because they had one date with a woman.

They stay emotionally free and keep their options open.

Do the same!

This is part of the modern dating mind set.

It is totally okay to have light dates with a few different men to try it out.

Even if your long term goal is to have a long lasting relationship with someone, it is still safer for you to keep your options open.

Stay active and keep on flirting.

This is strategy number one: keep your options open!

Strategy number two: stay master of your life

You decide when and how much you want to give.

You want to keep on feeding your friendships, career or studies, and other activities.

You have a life and this life is your number one priority.

To a new date, you can consecrate a couple of evenings a week, maximum!

Don't free your agenda as if your time frame was now belonging to him.

It doesn't!

Your agenda is yours!

Stay in charge of your time and make sure that if you give him space, it is quality time and fun time and that you both want to immensely enjoy.

Sharing quality time is a mutual commitment.

Don't simply keep your evening open because a guy vaguely told you he would call that day.

Staying at home waiting for him to call is the best way to make yourself totally clingy and dependent.

You don't want that! You want the exact opposite!

You want to stay 100% free, so behave like it.

Give him some space if he knows how to respect it.

Don't give him everything!

Free only some of your time and space.

Maintain this for a couple of months at least.

Spending every minute together in the early stages can kill and asphyxiate a new relationship.

Give each other space.

Give sometimes the priority to other aspects of your life.