How to make him dream about you - ARTICLE

Stimulate his senses and imagination.

When a man wants to share something with you, it is never a rational decision. It is always an instinctual one.

Of course, he might rationalize with facts but he first responds to a feeling he can’t really define.

Trigger his imagination.

When you flirt, you wake up feelings in him.

What do you want these feelings to be?

What do you want these feelings to be in you?

When you flirt, you are an architect. You are a feeling designer. You create a world of emotions and impressions that he will remember.

If these feelings are good, he will seek contact with you again.

You wake up emotions in him by sending clear messages.

Keep the chat light.

At the same time, you give him a glimpse of what he could get from knowing you better.

A couple of meaningful eye contacts open a world in his imagination.



These are triggered by what you say and what you send out.

Now, part of what he sees in you might have a sexual connotation. The shapes under your dress might wake up his desire.

However, this is not all.

He has worlds of feelings which have nothing to do with sexual exchange or fantasies.

A light connection is a goal in itself and many men are happy to keep the connection on that level.

The first flirting connection is not sexual.

It is light and fun.

It is an exchange of life force.

You can choose your style.

You can consciously decide to be more or less sexy depending on what you want.

You open up a world of feelings and emotions in a man.

Realize the power you have right there!