How to gain confidence in the flirting scene? - ARTICLE

Every time you sit back and hesitate, you feed your doubts!

The key to gain confidence is to take action!

Success gives you confidence, so take a second to celebrate a victory, no matter how small.

A simple smile you get back from a guy can make your day, so take a second to take it inside like a compliment.

Confidence has to do with power, skills and knowledge.

The more you know about the dating world, the more confident you feel.

If you have been there before, you'll feel less threatened.

Practice and repeat what you already tried.

The key is to shift attitudes and master your skills.

This does not stop you from being spontaneous and free.

Imagine you would go on stage.

What would you do?

Rehearsal, right?

Practice your moves!

Observe the tone of your voice!

Develop your body attitude!

Imagine yourself in the streets of Hong Kong.

How do you feel the first day you get there?

Pretty lost, right?

After one week, you feel much better. Almost at home!


Because you gained experience! You have been there for a week!

Dating and flirting works in a similar way.

Establish your roots in that field, master your dating skills and very soon, you'll feel totally at home in this environment.

Here are a couple or extra steps to build your confidence:

· Be gorgeous

It all starts with feeling great about yourself and your looks.

It takes focus and determination to build a “flirting body” you love.

If you make the mistake of believing that only personality matters, you’ll burn 50% of your chances straight away.

The way you look tells a lot about the way you feel.

Any guy knows that.

Remove what is unattractive in you.

To feel confident, you need to feel great about yourself: your looks, body and attitude.

You want to feel attractive.

The way to feel attractive is to remove what is unattractive in you.

· Dare to experiment

Experimenting is the best and most direct way to develop new skills.

Go with the flow.

Respond to opportunities and don’t miss a chance to try a new smile on a fresh innocent victim. (J)

  • Be prepared

The next step to feel really confident is to be prepared.

Training your dating and flirting skills gives you an extra boost of deep confidence.

It really works.

The more you know about the dating scene, the more confident you feel.

Go out a lot.

Develop a social network.

Follow up on your contacts.

Stay active and dynamic.

Dare to be sexy.

Flirting is a lot about stepping beyond the limits of your comfort zone.

Your self confidence is the extra element which gives you the power to break through and connect with men.