How to force destiny - ARTICLE

Is it possible to simply force events and make things happen?

I believe it is.

Destiny is an intelligent spirit.

You can work with the forces of destiny or against them.

If you go with the flow of it, magic starts unveiling in front of you.

When you feel there is no open door, it is time to take drastic measures and stimulate your destiny to open up.

Your life is a very subtle ecosystem.

If your love life does not move, you need extra power and determination.

It is okay to use your conquering power and create your destiny.

If your environment is "frozen", bring in your passion and desire.

Do you realize that you are the master of your destiny?

You are the person who has the greatest power over where you will be in a year from now.

You have the power to open doors.

You have sources of power you are not using.

Why don't you?

Because you don't dare to.

Power is an emotional substance you can manipulate in you.

You can wake it up like fire and give it the right shape.

Some things are given in life, some others can be taken or conquered.

You deserve love.

You deserve 100% happiness.

If for some reason, it is not happening right now, shift your mind set and do what it takes to conquer this territory.