How to flirt online - ARTICLE

The cyber world is great.

A dating site is your training ground.

This is the ideal place to practice your small talk and flirting skills.

Imagine, when you write a message, that’s all a man will hear from you.

A one time message is powerful.

You can get your message through in just a few words.

You might establish a connection which will stay alive.

Observe the way he reacts to what you stay.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on just one man in the early stages of your cyber dating.

Stay free and experiment!

Experimenting is the best way to develop your flirting skills.

See this as a game.

You try new moves and don’t worry too much about the outcome.

The goal is not yet to find your long term partner.

The goal is simply to innocently practice your moves.

Try and experiment.

The moment you have an idea, trust yourself and follow up on it.

Don’t assume that you know the outcome before you tried. Self limiting beliefs can stop you from trying.

Don’t put yourself down before you even send a message.

Stop any form of negative self talk and take action.

Action is the key to your flirting success.

Guys love getting messages.

Do, you realize that for one woman, there is an average of five men in dating sites?

You don’t have to show yourself as an “easy pray”.

If you initiate the contact, it is always a risk.

Now, you can step back and retreat in the comfort of what you already know or you can take some risks and feel great about yourself.

The key challenge is rejection.

You need a solid strategy to deal with it.

Can you stop it from happening ever? No way.

You might sometimes get a sign of rejection from a man.

This must not stop you from exploring the flirting game and doing it anyway.

This is the real test.

You build up a level of confidence in which you know that nothing and no one can hurt you.

Any rejection simply bounces on the surface of your mind.

Dealing with rejection is one of your first flirting skills.

No need to be defensive or aggressive.

No need to offer yourself on the spot either.

You develop flirting skills by trying.

You want to forgive yourself if sometimes you make a move that you see later as a “mistake”.

There are no mistakes.

There are only learning experiences.

The more you experiment, the more you learn.

Flirting is one of the most exciting ways of relating to the opposite sex.

You want to get out there and use your conquering power to master those skills.

It is an environment you want to conquer.

Never let any rejection stop you from flirting again.

The art of flirting is the art of opening without ever getting hurt.

How do you avoid getting hurt?

You go prepared!

When you flirt, you need different types of tools, skills and “weapons”.

You need to be ready for any situation.

Some men will be very good at validating you. They will make the right moves.

Now, if a guy steps on your toes on the dance floor, will this stop you from dancing again?

No way!

One of the aspects of the dating scene is about competition.

You might be “bitchy” sometimes and reject and invitation from a man who likes you.

Another man might behave like a jerk and try to put you down.

These tests must not stop you.

If you decide to stop playing the game, it is the whole dating and flirting scene that you reject.

Now, imagine a guy being nasty with you and saying something like:

“Where on earth did you find that dress? …”

You need a surefire way to respond to it.

Now, handling rejection effectively is the top dating challenges.

It would be too long to fully treat the topic of rejection in this e-book. I will need another volume to fully cover this subject.

Dealing with rejection is a skill you learn because you are faced with this type of situations.

There is no way around it.

I can guarantee you that the moment you know how to handle any rejection, this gives you a huge confidence and power kick.

You are queen of the dating scene!

Nothing and no one can stop you!

This is what you must remember.

The dating world is an environment you want to conquer and master.

Do what it takes to become good, really good at it.