How to disinvest - ARTICLE

When you let go of someone you love, it is like a break up.

If you were not dating yet, it will be of course easier to get over that man.

It will be a mini break-up.

The inner emotional process is still the same: you want to be emotionally free.

You want to own your life.

You don't want your desires invested in a man who does not respond.

You can of course stay in a state of ecstatic admiration for a man (this is what happens if you worship a pop start) but on the long term, this might stop you from going on with your life.

Anything which sounds obsessive will hurt you.

It drains your energy and stops you from going on with your life.

You might miss your real opportunities.

This is a battle for emotional survival.

To disinvest, you consciously invest in something else.

It can be your career, friends or other potential dates.

You remove traces of his presence in your life.

You give in other directions.

This is the art of staying emotionally free.

When you touch on emotional freedom, you realize how precious it is.

Gaining your emotional freedom back is a battle.

You want to own your emotions and simply be master of your life.

When you love someone who does not love you back, he has too much emotional control and influence over your life.

He is in your mind and this stops you from being free.

It alienates you.

The goal is simple: you don't want him there.

You want to be free.

You need to go to battle to recover your full emotional independence.

Remove traces of his presence in your personal environment: letters, pictures, emails, memories, etc. Get rid of them and create space.

This is not an option.

If you want to be free, you need to take action.

Freedom is a quality you consciously invite in your life. It is your gift. It is given to you. You own it.

If you invested too much, do whatever it takes to get your full power back.